How to Graduate from Harness to Collar

When you notice that your dog is pulling on its collar, you may think to use a harness instead. However, there is a way to get your dog to transition back to a collar and stop pulling on the leash. Just like with housebreaking, proper leash behavior can be taught. Getting your dog used to … Continued

Protective Dog Breeds

When you are shopping for a guard dog, you shouldn’t settle for any breed. While some dogs are good at guarding, others are excellent at protecting your home from housebreaking. Just like human beings whose personalities vary, certain dog breeds tend to be more protective than others. We shed light on some of the most protective … Continued

What kind of toy is best for my dog?

We all need time to unwind, and this is no different for our canine pals. For dogs especially, toys are almost as essential as food. This is so because they afford them vital physical and psychological benefits. For example, chew toys keep your dog’s gums in peak condition. There are also specialized chew toys that … Continued

Dangers of Puppy Pee Pads

In theory puppy pee pads are an incredible idea. These pee pads are usually placed on the floor in the living space, and your dog pees on it instead of peeing on your floor or rug. This sounds simple and straightforward, but it has numerous downfalls. Some dog owners tend to complain that their puppy … Continued

A Dog’s Sense of Smell

We already know dogs are the best. They keep us safe, make us happy when we’re feeling blue, and love us constantly and unconditionally. But did you know how truly unique a dog’s sense of smell really is? Evolution has blessed canines with superior olfactory abilities. A dog’s nose has almost supernatural powers that can … Continued

Puppy Bowl 2018

Many people will be tuning in to the NFL this winter for major clashes between major teams over major snacks. But for those of us who need a little more fuzzy cuteness in our football games- and are considering adopting a pet- there is, the Puppy Bowl. This year, in February, Puppy Bowl 2018 will … Continued

Dog Breeds For The Elderly

Dogs are beneficial pets for seniors. They help older adults stay mentally and physically active while providing comfort and companionship. But not all dogs meet seniors’ unique needs. The ideal dog breed for senior citizens is one that is easy to care for, has a friendly disposition, and isn’t too big. When choosing a dog, … Continued

Why Is My Puppy Not Eating?

Is your puppy refusing to eat? It’s frustrating to not know why your dog suddenly shows no interest in food. But it may help to know that it’s actually pretty common. Next to housebreaking, questions about puppies’ diets are some of the most frequent for new pet parents. Veterinary medicine classifies your dog’s lack of … Continued

All About Service Dogs

Service dogs don’t just provide a service. They also help guide, lead, listen and love. Additionally, they provide freedom, independence, peace of mind and friendship. These loyal canines live to serve their handler by offering physical support and balance to an unsteady handler, retrieving dropped items, navigating crowds, outdoor spaces and business, and alerting hard of … Continued

Why can’t dogs eat chocolate?

Dogs, much like their human companions, love to eat. Nowadays, most of us follow the advice of veterinarians and feed our pups specially formulated dry dog food instead of letting them feast on table scraps. But who among us will not give in to their dog’s pleading eyes to let them have a tasty treat … Continued