Help! My Dog Has Fleas!

Discovering that the family dog has fleas often proves a nightmare for some families. If there are fleas on your dog, chances are there are fleas in your home that wreak havoc when they pose serious threats to your dog’s health or bite family members. Learn how to tell if your dog has fleas, how … Continued

How to Socialize Your Puppy

It’s easy to teach puppies of all sizes and breeds the appropriate socializing skills they will need for a happy future. Play-dates, meeting new pals at the puppy park or finding their happy space in the family calls for your involvement. But what if your new furry family member is a rescue pet with an unclear past … Continued

Old Dog Incontinence- What You Need To Know

Having a dog that pees inside the house can be a nightmare. This habit is common among aging dogs. Getting your dog back to its good days when it could pee in the right place can be a tough journey. At some point, you will feel that you have tried everything to get your old … Continued

How To Get Your Rescue Dog To Trust You

Have you opened your home to a new member of the family? Rescue dogs can make wonderful, loyal, and adorable pets. However, there is a transition period where you both get used to each other. Remember that a rescue dog may have been in a neglectful, unstable, or even abusive former home. These pets may … Continued

How To Get Your Dog To Take The Perfect Picture

The idea of photographing your pet sounds quite inspiring, however, it is not as easy as it sounds. There are some who consider climbing Mount Everest an easier task than snapping a picture of your pet. What if your pet is hyperactive and won’t cooperate? What if your pet mistakes the studio’s fake grass for … Continued

Dangerous Toys and Treats for your Dog

Toys are a wonderful source of enjoyment and fun for your dog. Additionally, keeping your dog busy will help it remain healthy and prevent it from developing problematic behaviors such as barking, continuous crying, and destructive chewing. Importance of Dog Toys and Treats   1. Provide Dogs With Tools For Exercise. Throwing a ball for … Continued

Flying With An Emotional Support Animal

Why many people would love to have the company of their furry friend during their flight, there are some individuals who need the support of their companion to get through their everyday activities.  Emotional support animals an excellent way to help people who struggle with conditions such as major depressive disorder and anxiety to get through … Continued

Doggie Dental Hygiene: Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

Much the same as you would groom your dog and keep up with clipping your dog’s nails, it is important to regularly clean your dog’s teeth.  Dental hygiene is not only important for maintaining your dog’s teeth, but also for keeping your pet in overall good health. Many dangerous health conditions can start as tooth … Continued

Poodle Health

Congratulations! You have decided to add a standard poodle to your growing family.  These large dogs are intelligent and loving, with the ability to run with the kids all day long.  Through the years they have held a top spot in many a dog-lover’s heart, and for good reason. Your poodle will take to training … Continued

Chihuahua Health Issues

Since one of the dogs in our office had suffered a cardiac arrest, we decided to look into the potential health issues that Chihuahuas may run into. We thought that we would make this post to increase awareness about the risks that your pet may have. Chihuahuas are highly desired since they are the smallest … Continued