A Dog’s Sense of Smell

We already know dogs are the best. They keep us safe, make us happy when we’re feeling blue, and love us constantly and unconditionally. But did you know how truly unique a dog’s sense of smell really is? Evolution has blessed canines with superior olfactory abilities. A dog’s nose has almost supernatural powers that can … Continued

Tips for Camping with Your Dog

Going camping can be a lot of fun, especially if you plan to take your four-legged buddies with you. Planning your trip will certainly be exciting, and besides deciding where to go, it is helpful to also be mindful of what sort of things, such as pee pads, will help make this trip more comfortable for your … Continued

The Dangers of Puppy Mills / Pet Stores

If you are looking for a puppy, there is a high chance that you might buy one at a pet store. Pet stores source their puppies from large-scale commercial dog breeding organizations commonly referred to as puppy mills. This might be a cheaper way of getting puppies home. However, there is an inherent danger of … Continued

Help! I Think My Dog is Losing His Hearing-Deafness in Dogs

Dogs can suffer many of the same conditions as humans and one of the most unsettling conditions in a dog’s life is deafness. Deafness in a dog can be partial or complete, can affect one ear or both ears, can be present from birth or can develop, can be permanent or temporary, can be due … Continued

Reasons Why Cats and Dogs Don’t Get Along

Many people assume that cats and dogs don’t get along, but do you know the reasons why? If you are planning on having both cats and dogs in your home, it’s important to understand why there could be conflict between these different species. Let’s look at some of the many reasons that all is not well … Continued

Namaste… at home with my dog (dog yoga)!

Most people – whether they practice yoga routinely or not – are at least familiar with the yoga pose: Downward Dog. The downward dog is a relatively easy pose, and one that beginning yoga students can perfect quickly.  But what many people don’t know is that dogs may have a place in the yoga world … Continued

Puppy Bowl 2018

Many people will be tuning in to the NFL this winter for major clashes between major teams over major snacks. But for those of us who need a little more fuzzy cuteness in our football games- and are considering adopting a pet- there is, the Puppy Bowl. This year, in February, Puppy Bowl 2018 will … Continued

Traveling with Your Dog – Orlando Florida Edition

Orlando is one of the most happiness cities on earth. The city is home to more than twelve different theme parks, along with other entertainment attractions to thrill the hearts of every visitor. Located in central Florida, Orlando is east of the Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg and the gulf beach towns – portraits of paradise. Cape … Continued

Dog Breeds For The Elderly

Dogs are beneficial pets for seniors. They help older adults stay mentally and physically active while providing comfort and companionship. But not all dogs meet seniors’ unique needs. The ideal dog breed for senior citizens is one that is easy to care for, has a friendly disposition, and isn’t too big. When choosing a dog, … Continued

Why Is My Puppy Not Eating?

Is your puppy refusing to eat? It’s frustrating to not know why your dog suddenly shows no interest in food. But it may help to know that it’s actually pretty common. Next to housebreaking, questions about puppies’ diets are some of the most frequent for new pet parents. Veterinary medicine classifies your dog’s lack of … Continued