Bark Potty is a convenient, clean, natural and disposable dog potty solution.

It’s made of real bark, and like real grass contains the natural smells that compel dogs to “go”.

Give your dog a place of their own to use when you’re not home and they’ll love you even more!



Dogs Love Bark Potty

Like grass, the natural earthy smells of bark and other natural ingredients stimulate a dog’s innate instinct to mark their territory and “go”. Plus, our bark is chock full of natural, safe bacteria that breaks down odors.

Always a Fresh Box

Our low cost subscription allows you to always have a new one on hand to replace the old unit when it gets too soiled. All you have to do is pick up the poop just like on walk. Because it’s replaced regularly, you never have to clean it and it won’t stink like artificial grass. Best yet, our bark and other natural ingredients are all eco-friendly.

Why It’s Better

Unlike grass, Bark Potty is shelf-stable and won’t die or rot when stored. You can use it wherever and whenever you want. Our patent-pending design holds the litter in place to prevent any kick-ups. In addition, the box is lined to prevent leaks.



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Standard Pack

$24.00 per unit

Receive a new box every month

Great Value!

Savings Pack

$20.00 per unit

3 boxes sent every 3 months - SAVE!

Save over 16%
Mega Savings Pack

$18.00 per unit

6 boxes every 6 months, SAVE BIG!

Save over 25%
Large Breed
Standard Pack

$48.00 per unit

1 double-box sent every month

Great Value!

Large Breed
Savings Pack

$40.00 per unit

3 double-boxes sent every 3 months - SAVE!

Save over 16%
Large Breed
Mega Savings Pack

$36.00 per unit

6 double-boxes every 6 months, SAVE BIG!

Save over 25%

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